Workshop on Tolerance

at the ASFAL school

Art Breath x ASFAL school

We were asked to hold a workshop on tolerance and respect for some of the children of the school of ASFAL for their celebration of the year of tolerance. 

On Saturday 30th November we held the workshop at the ASFAL school, where we spoke about what tolerance means and asked the children what respect, tolerance, unity and forgiveness means to them. The brilliant children then drew their impressions based on that, reflecting their thoughts and meanings in art. 


We then took the pieces they drew on and stitched their art together into a Flag of Tolerance and Hope, which was then hanged at their show.

The school was highlighting this project to relay that the world should live in love, peace and harmony and for the year of tolerance that is being celebrated in the UAE. In their performance on the 6th December, they sang, danced and spoke as their art hanged behind them.

Let’s listen to the kids and hope the future is filled with love, peace and people respecting each other everywhere in the world! And that they are encouraged by all to pave the way for a fairer world and a tolerant one.